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NOTE: This is my experience (who is on a November 6 deadline). It is not an independent analysis. Your experience may be different. Do not skip any steps if it will be disadvantageous for your health insurance enrollment process or if it will negatively affect the subsidy that you may qualify for (which will lead to lower premiums) and the health insurance plans that you may be eligible for. Follow the proper healthcare.gov instructions so that you will receive affordable, quality, and comprehensive health coverage.


I want to share my experience to date, and for the many asking there is a paper application available contrary to reports.

ME: I have been trying to get premium quotes since Oct. 3, when Experian verified my account. The following week if I could log in it would just say “application in process” the week after that I couldn’t log in anymore. The people on the hotline are not getting any assists from the IT people, and are just getting yelled at 24/7. I spent a hour with a lady last weekend just having a nice conversation, telling her I understand they left her out to dry, and she was so appreciative. The problem is for the last 10 days around 10 p.m. EST they shut the site down for maintenance and in that process they erased the passwords of the accounts of early applications, due to privacy conformity. So my suggestion to anybody is create a new account and skip the “subsidy eligibility” info (much shorter process) and try to get the plans offered through that process. I got the furthest by doing that. Still haven’t been able to see what Plans are available, but am noticing improvements every day. My asshole A.G. is also suing the Federal Government to prevent anyone from receiving subsides, on top of IN Gov. Mike Pence, not expanding Medicaid. I have till Nov. 6, before I have to decide to keep my current coverage with AnthemBCBS…..so I just implore patience to everyone. In due time………

TOD’er: WHOA. Can’t believe the hotline doesn’t have IT back-up. What’s the point of that? Wow, I hope it all works out for you, SOON.

ME: It is B.S. the I.T. folks leave the phone reps in the wind, TOD’er. One other option I suggest for people trying to sign up is having the telephone Rep. fill out an application manually. It is a much more longer/tedious process, but they are happy to do it if you wish. By doing so, they submit the paper application to the proper channel, and you are supposed to be contacted within 10 days by either Healthcare.Gov rep or an Insurance Provider personally. At that point they will walk you through your coverage options, but it is a guaranteed way to have your application processed, and bypass any website hiccups

To apply by phone, call 1-800-318-2596, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (TTY: 1-855-889-4325). A customer service representative will work with you to complete the application and enrollment process.


 To be clear, there are several options for enrollment. My particular case was just one using the online vehicle.  This suggesting  was an option online to get to the premium quotes faster, without filling out the tax information.  I have already done that, but still can’t login with the original account I created.  You can always update you info once creating an account (Even when you initially create an account, it will give you the option of choosing the faster route). My situation was I have until Nov.6, to determine whether to keep my current coverage. Also keep in mind your individual state my have established their own exchanges. The main focus I am trying to convey is there are several ways to FULLY enroll, subsidies and all. Locally, by phone, online, or by mail.


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Here’s the ACA application in PDF form you can print out and mail in

Read this before filling out this application


If you need help here are the Healthcare.gov available options

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Other options for getting questions answered 



Kaiser Family Foundation Subsidy Calculator



And any other possible question  you may have….

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Again here is the  link for a paper enrollment form you can print from home

And the instructions prior to filling out the form


And finding Local help enrolling

Outreach and Enrollment Toolkit

Detailed Summary of the ACA

AARP’s 10 ACA Essential Benefits


I hope this alleviates some problems people may have encountered and dispelled any misinformation.

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