Top 10 Commander Chris Hadfield Videos from the ISS!

Commander Chris Hadfield


Colonel Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut, Mission Specialist on STS-74 who also performed multiple EVAs on STS-100, and, for a few hours longer, the well-loved commander of the International Space Station mission 35.

He has been a great inspiration for everything to do with social media (with the assistance of his son, Evan), giving those of us down on Earth some of the best peeks at what it is like to live and work in space, plus has entertained us with his guitar playing as well! He tweets constantly, sharing photos of his view from above and has made nearly 70 informative videos to quench our curiosity about day to day space living. He has captured our imagination for space travel again!

In honor of his return to Earth due on Monday, May 13, I’ve compiled his top 10 videos from his time on the ISS, as determined by views as posted on youtube by the Canadian Space Agency. – Joanne Manaster


 Released today was a revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.


7. Commander Hadfield’s Space Kitchen. Peanut butter plus honey on a (nearly) everlasting tortilla = space sandwich! Tortillas replace bread which can leave crumbs everywhere!


4. Sleeping In Space. How do you keep from floating around while in dreamland? You will be glad to learn you don’t need a pillow or mattress for a good night’s sleep in zero gravity!


1. By far the most popular video was Wringing out Water on the ISS-For Science!. Without gravity, surface tension wins!


My personal favorite: Commander Hadfield duet w/ The Bare Naked Ladies from the ISS


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