Monthly Archive: April, 2013

The Brazen Bibliophiles of Timbuktu: How a team of sneaky librarians duped Al Qaeda

*** One afternoon in March, I walked through Timbuktu’s Ahmed Baba Institute of Higher Studies and Islamic Research, stepping around shards of broken glass. Until last year, the modern concrete building with its… Continue reading

Conflict Kitchen “only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict”

*** “We are trying to be provocative in the best use of that term.” –Jon Rubin You don’t normally think of Pittsburgh as the hub of foreign policy discussion. But 245 miles from… Continue reading

A Fitting End to the Horrible Harlem Shake Meme

And so it is fitting that this Harlem Shake video of all the Harlem Shake should end the way you wished all the others would. Oh, and don’t feel bad about laughing. For one… Continue reading

Meet THE Kid In THE Jackie Robinson Photo (Updated: Make That ‘Six Photos’)

Originally posted on Baseball Nerd:
“Imagine,” Eddie Dweck muses as he looks at The Photograph, “a kid going to a ballgame dressed in a suit and tie!” You probably don’t know Eddie Dweck,…

The White House Beast

When Bill Clinton tried to chain up the White House press corps, the correspondents rebelled. Their pointed reports contributed to the president’s low approval ratings and forced him to kick George Stephanopoulos upstairs… Continue reading

The Masks We Wear: For fun, protection, or a statement..

We wear masks for many reasons: for fun, for protection, or to make a statement. In turbulent public settings, obscuring one’s face can protect an individual from retaliation while evoking fear and uncertainty… Continue reading

Day/Night (New Zealand) 8,000 RAW files converted to jpg and put together into a 5 minute video.

About 8,000 RAW files converted to jpg and put together into a 5 minute video.  Shot with a Nikon at various locations in New Zealand, South Island in Dec 2012 – Akaroa, Arthur’s Pass,… Continue reading

Midnight Sun: A natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months: Iceland

Midnight Sun: A natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never fully sets and remains visible 24 hours a… Continue reading

Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore: How 86 journalists in 46 countries can work on a single investigation

Over 2.5 million files analyzed by a global team of journalists reveal financial information about politicians, fundraisers. and celebrities from over 170 different countries. On Thursday morning, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists— a… Continue reading

To Fight Gridlock, Los Angeles Synchronizes Every Red Light

  To combat its infamous traffic, Los Angeles has built subways and light rail lines. It has widened highways and added car pool, toll and bus-only lanes. But the roads have remained stubbornly… Continue reading