Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Few Know How to Enter; Fewer Finish….

For an entry fee of $1.60, participants in the secret Barkley Marathons can come away with battered feet and legs and an exhaustion so deep that they might hallucinate. — On Friday night,… Continue reading

Bomb Found Inside Squid Off Chinese Shore

Talk about some bombin’ calamari.  In the shallow waters just off the coast of the Guangdong province in China, a fisherman caught a bloated looking squid and took it to the fish market… Continue reading

Ultra-Rich Russians Hire Fake Ambulances To Drive Them Through Traffic

Ever been stuck in a nasty traffic jam and wished you could fire up an emergency siren and watch the cars around you make themselves scarce? I think we’ve all had that fantasy… Continue reading

The Most Amazing Video of Lions In Their Natural Habit You Will Ever See

3 Part series: Iraq War’s 10th Anniversary: After the War

In the eight years between invasion and withdrawal, more than 110,000 people suffered violent deaths as direct result of the Iraq conflict. Some estimates put that number at over a million. Hundreds of… Continue reading

President Obama’s Speechwriter Jon Favreau on his time at the White House

Unnamed Patient in U.S. has 75 percent of his skull replaced with 3D-printed prosthetic

  Earlier this week, an un-named man in the United States had 75 percent of his skull replaced with a 3D-printed plastic prosthetic, the first-known operation of its kind. The transplant was carried out by… Continue reading

The Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much

“Last June, a pulp-fiction thriller was published in Paris under the title “Le Chemin de Damas.” Its lurid green-and-black cover featured a busty woman clutching a pistol, and its plot included the requisite… Continue reading

Ted Kennedy Jr. Is (Finally) Ready for the Family Business

In early December, Washington’s political class was in one of its episodic ventilations……….In the midst of all that, I was eating lunch at a private club near the White House at the invitation… Continue reading

The Scariest Little Corner of the World

“On the southern outskirts of the city Zaranj, where the last derelict shanties meet an endless, vacant country — beige desert and beige sky, whipped together into a single coalescing haze by the… Continue reading